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CapRadio Audience Snapshots

There’s no doubt that CapRadio listeners make things happen.

Sponsorship allows your marketing messages to reach highly influential CapRadio and NPR audiences distinguished by their professional success, leadership, curiosity and the goodwill they show to sponsors. 

Clients & Customers

65% of listeners and 76% of members say they support businesses that sponsor CapRadio.

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Powerful Influencers

219% more likely to be influential based on public engagement and advocacy for causes

Lifelong Learners

112% more likely to hold a post-graduate degree

Business Leaders

71% more likely to work in professional and related occupations

Cultural Enthusiasts

25% more likely to attend live theater

Community Boosters

52% more likely to donate money to social care or welfare organizations

Sustainability Champions

57% more likely to donate money or time to environmental causes

Ready to Get Connected?

Aligning your brand with a trusted and valued media source is an ideal way to create positive brand sentiment and drive action. We’re here to help ensure your success. 

Sources: 1-Nielsen, Sacramento Metro, Scarborough R1 2023: Mar 2022-Apr 2023, A18+, Listen to KXJZ-FM, KXPR-FM or KUOP-FM; 2-MRI-Simmons Doublebase 2022, Base: Total U.S. Adults, NPR listeners, MRI defines an Influential as someone who participates in three or more public activities that demonstrate uncommon engagement with their community.

Powerful Marketing Solutions

Download the CapRadio Media Kit to learn how marketers use a multiplatform strategy to extend reach and reinforce messaging frequency across radio, streaming, events, newsletters, podcasts, banner ads and more. 

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Discover the Marketing Impact of CapRadio

CapRadio is a trusted and valued media source for a hard-to-reach audience — one that is influential, engaged, cultural and community-minded.

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