CapRadio Media Kit

Discover how our multiplatform approach pairs influential reach and authentic goodwill to deliver marketing results from action takers throughout California’s Capital Region, Central Valley and Sierra Valley.
Download our Media Kit and learn:

  • Why 84% of listeners take action from Public Radio sponsorship messages
  • How CapRadio ensures your marketing messages are heard and remembered
  • How to connect with Lifelong Learners, Business Leaders, Cultural Enthusiasts, Community Boosters and more
  • How to strengthen your regional relevance


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When we first started underwriting with CapRadio, I could not believe the response — the texts, the phone calls, clients coming in saying “I heard you on CapRadio.” If CapRadio was a piece of jewelry, it would be a true one-of-a-kind.

Market Enginuity® manages sponsorship sales for CapRadio, linking the station and corporate supporters in a mutually beneficial partnership that enables each to fulfill its mission.