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More than Radio

A Monthly Multimedia Audience of 651K+

The CapRadio multiplatform approach amplifies your message by seamlessly integrating advertising, branding and social responsibility across our ecosystem of engaging channels.

  • Radio
  • Streaming
  • Newsletters
  • Podcasts
  • Events
  • Website
  • App
Sources: The monthly multimedia audience sums each platform’s audience. CapRadio listeners / streamers - Nielsen Audio PPM, Sacramento Metro, Jan-Dec 2022, M-Su 6a-12m, A18+; Website visitors, App users - Google Analytics, Jan-Jun 2023; Podcast downloads - Triton, Mar-Aug 2023; Newsletter subscribers - Mailchimp, Sep 2023
Meet our Dedicated Audience

Connect With Influential Action Takers

The CapRadio / NPR audiences are choice consumers and influential leaders — ideal targets for your marketing campaigns. They eagerly support businesses that sponsor their local NPR station and amplify them across their professional and personal networks.

Audience Images
take action in response to a public radio sponsorship message
hold a more positive opinion of a company that supports public radio
prefer to purchase products and services from public radio sponsors

and they are more likely to be:

Lifelong Learners

Holding a post-graduate degree

Business Leaders

Working in professional and related occupations

Cultural Enthusiasts

Attending live theater, museums, operas, concerts, dances and ballets

Community Boosters

Donating money to social care or welfare organizations

Sustainability Champions

Donating money or time to environmental causes



Source: Kantar / Lightspeed Research, NPR State of Sponsorship Survey, Jun 2023

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Reach That Resonates

Tailored Campaigns From Local to Statewide

Whether its capturing local charm, creating regional buzz or building statewide awareness, our strategic campaigns are designed to connect you with your audience at every level.

Utilize CapRadio for campaigns targeted toward the Capital Area, Central Valley, North State and North Coast.

CapRadio Network
Utilize CapRadio Network for statewide campaigns or to target specific regions — Northern, Central and Southern California.


Marketing to Our Audience
of Action Takers Is as Easy as 1, 2, 3

- How Sponsorship Works -  




Your CapRadio sponsorship expert helps you craft the perfect marketing message and choose the mediums that will serve your goals best.



Your marketing messages are placed across a strategic blend of radio, podcasts, digital ads, newsletters and more to extend reach and reinforce message frequency. 



Our audience makes things happen. The built-in halo effect transfers the positive association our audience has for our station and its sponsors to your organization.

Frequently Asked Questions

When we first started underwriting with CapRadio, I could not believe the response — the texts, the phone calls, clients coming in saying “I heard you on CapRadio.” If CapRadio was a piece of jewelry, it would be a true one-of-a-kind.

Discover the Marketing Impact of CapRadio

CapRadio is a trusted and valued media source for a hard-to-reach audience — one that is influential, engaged, cultural and community-minded.

Connect with us to grow your brand reach through:

  • On-air messaging
  • Audio streaming pre-roll
  • Website and app banner ads
  • Podcasts
  • Newsletters
  • Events and more